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Date 2015-06-02.06:00:51
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The argparse Namespace can be missleading in case where the args names are not valid identifiers, eg thinks like a closing bracket:

In [5]: Namespace(a=1, **{')':3})
Out[5]: Namespace()=3, a=1)

more funny:

In [3]: Namespace(a=1, **{s:3})
Out[3]: Namespace(a=1, b=2), Namespace(c=3)

for `s = 'b=2), Namespace(c'`

With this patch the args that are not valid identifiers are shown in ** unpacked-dict, which has the side effect of almost always having repr(eval(repr(obj)))== repr(obj). I'm sure we can find counter example with quotes and triple-quoted string... but anyway.

with this patch (indentation mine for easy comparison):

>>> from argparse import Namespace
>>> Namespace(a=1, **{')': 3})
    Namespace(a=1, **{')': 3})

Which is I think what most user would expect.

Test passes locally (except SSL cert, network thingies, curses and threaded_lru_cache) which look unrelated and is most likely due to my machine.
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