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Somewhat related issues are issue 16217 (traceback noise when running under python -m) and issue 23773 (traceback noise when running under custom import hooks)

For 3.4 and 3.5, we may want to consider a brute force solution where the warnings module just straight up ignores _frozen_importlib frames when counting stack levels.

For 3.6+, I've occasionally pondered various ideas for introducing the notion of a "frame debugging level". The most recent variant of that idea would be to have all frames live in level zero by default, but there'd be a way to flag a module at compile time to set it higher for the code objects created by that module.

Displaying those frames in tracebacks would then be tied to both the current frame's debugging level and the interpreter's verbosity level (whichever was higher), while other stack related operations (like the warnings stacklevel and frame retrieval) would only consider frames at the current frame's debugging level and below.
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