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Date 2015-05-24.23:36:15
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Since the last few patches related to this, I seem to have an issue with `Python/importdl.c:get_encoded_name` (I guess)  sometime returning the name with a leading dot. This lead to `PyInit_.modulename` being searched which fails.

My C-foo is extremely low, but changing [1] to `lastdot+1`
seem to do the trick for me (hence above supposition).

More especially in my case compiling Cython `failed to import Cython: dynamic module does not define module export function (PyInit_.Scanning)`, from `import Cython.Compiler.Scanning` I suppose. While it seem to does that ok with the `+1`.

I haven't found any related issues, and my read of pep 489 made me think this was not meant to change, Though I doubt my fix is correct.

Sorry if duplicate or already fixed, I searched as I could but did not found anything. 


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