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Date 2015-05-19.21:20:14
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> However, as noted, I doubt the latter is worth it - let's just expose the flag to decide whether to resolve wrapper chains or not, and leave the inclusion of the already bound value in the reported signature solely as a legacy behaviour of getargspec and getfullargspec.

I agree.  Please take a look at the attached patch.

BTW, Signature.from_function and Signature.from_builtin aren't documented.  Do you think it's OK if I drop them?  There is no good use case for them (and we have Signature.from_callable in 3.5).

Also, while working on the patch, I noticed that functools.wraps copies __annotations__ attribute.  This is really strange.  Most of the times, wrapper in python has signature akin to (*args, **kwargs).  Blindly copying __annotations__ doesn't make any sense.  What do you think about this?
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