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Date 2015-05-16.11:04:48
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Attached in a conversion patch for Modules/_hashopenssl.c.

Since it appear that zlib has already been converted, that's the last file to convert in this batch!

All tests pass on my OSX 10.10 (after running "touch Modules/hashlib.h" to get make to recompile things that use _hashopenssl).


In HASH.__init__, the "name" parameter must be a string. However, the current code accepts any object and checks something else before checking whether the given object is a string. Therefore, changing the type from "object" to "str" would slightly change the parameter checking behavior. For now I've left it as it was. Also, since HASH.__new__ mirrors this, I've left it as-is as well.

I slightly changed the first line of the HASH object's doc-string, to make it fit in one line. It was: "A hash represents the object used to calculate a checksum of a string of information." I've changed the beginning to "A hash is an object used to calculate ..."

pbkdb_hmac accepts an optional "dklen" parameter which may be either a long or None. I left this as an "object", since long(accept={int, NoneType}) gives "long_converter: default value None for field dklen_obj is not of type int".
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