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Author Joshua.Landau
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Date 2015-05-14.13:00:27
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This is valid:

    ℘· = 1
    #>>> 1

But this gives an error token:

    from io import BytesIO
    from tokenize import tokenize

    stream = BytesIO("℘·".encode("utf-8"))
    print(*tokenize(, sep="\n")
    #>>> TokenInfo(type=56 (ENCODING), string='utf-8', start=(0, 0), end=(0, 0), line='')
    #>>> TokenInfo(type=53 (ERRORTOKEN), string='℘', start=(1, 0), end=(1, 1), line='℘·')
    #>>> TokenInfo(type=53 (ERRORTOKEN), string='·', start=(1, 1), end=(1, 2), line='℘·')
    #>>> TokenInfo(type=0 (ENDMARKER), string='', start=(2, 0), end=(2, 0), line='')

This is a continuation of I'm not able to reopen the issue, so I thought I should report it anew.

It is tokenize that is wrong - Other_ID_Start and Other_ID_Continue are documented to be valid:
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