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Date 2015-05-14.10:59:55
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Heh, dangerous is in the eye of the beholder.  I don't even have a trash bin on my system (no desktop, just X and shell windows).  

It is almost always the case that an application written in python that wants to get rid of a file *does* want to really delete it, because it is not operating on user-facing files.  It is only when the program is implementing a GUI (and very occasionally when implementing a CLI) that it might want to move something to trash instead.

I'm -1 on this proposal.  Most python programs aren't GUI programs, so I don't think any significant fraction of python programs need it, and thus that the ones that do can just include it as a dependency along with all the other dependencies they need.  (Yes, you can write a full GUI just using tkinter, but the number of GUI programs that have no non-stdlib dependencies is probably quite small.)

This is the kind of thing that would need to go to python-ideas first in any case, so I'm going to close the issue.  If you get consensus that it is a good idea on the python-ideas mailing list, you can re-open the issue.
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