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Date 2015-05-11.21:48:09
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On 11.05.2015 23:20, Steve Dower wrote:
> I guess we need a third opinion.
> For me, the subclasses of CCompiler are undocumented and not a guaranteed interface (people using them directly are consenting adults). They're also an eyesore, so if I can clean them up without breaking the CCompiler interface (or minor version upgrades) then I should.

The distutils interface isn't documented in all details,
so the rule of thumb by which everybody operates is that any
non-private symbol is part of the public API.

FWIW: I don't see a problem with keeping implementations
around for older MS VC versions. It's well possible that
someone might want to use them for creating a Python version
compiled with an older version of MS VC, e.g. in an
embedding scenario. And you can still have your new cleaned up
version override the default msvccompiler class.
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