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I don't agree with you. I prefer to add new functionalities to the paths I
use. This is the power of OOP. It is easier and cleaner to use
*mypath.common_with(otherpath)*  than  *common_with(**mypath, **other path)*

Python is highly OOP, so you can't say *"don't use subclassing in your
case"*. As a user, I should have the possibility to use the method I want.

Another example is the use of  *onepath - anotherpath*  instead of
*onepath.relative_to(**another path)* . That's the power of the magic
method to add this kind of feature.

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*French math teacher in a "Lycée" **and **Python **amateur developer*

2015-05-06 20:21 GMT+02:00 Paul Moore <>:

> Paul Moore added the comment:
> For that type of function, I'd suggest you use a standalone function
> rather than subclassing and methods or operator overloading. You don't gain
> enough to be worth the complexity of having to subclass path objects. And
> duck typing means that your function works for any subclass of (Pure)Path
> without change.
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