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Author baikie
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Date 2015-05-05.21:54:16
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I've rebased the patches onto all the currently released
branches, but since there are now so many variations required,
I've bundled the pass-unterminated and test patches into a single
set (enable-unterminated-*), and the return-unterminated and
addrlen-makesockaddr patches into another (fix-overrun-*), which
applies on top.

The fix-overrun patches can be applied on their own, but don't
include any tests.

The 3.5 branch has some more substantial changes which stop the
patches applying - I haven't looked into those yet.
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enable-unterminated-2.7-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:14
enable-unterminated-3.2-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:15
enable-unterminated-3.3-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:16
enable-unterminated-3.4-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:16
fix-overrun-2.7-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:15
fix-overrun-3.2-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:15
fix-overrun-3.3-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:16
fix-overrun-3.4-2015-05-05.diff baikie, 2015-05-05.21:54:16
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