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Date 2015-04-24.22:37:20
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> We don't have the same definition of the unit "seconds" :-)

Or, please forget my comment, I watched the first 4 items of os.times(). I didn't notice the difference of the 5th item, os.times()[4].

The bad news is that only the first two items of os.times() are filled on Windows :-( I don't think that Python 2.7 provides a monotonic clock on Windows.

static PyObject *
os_times_impl(PyModuleDef *module)
    FILETIME create, exit, kernel, user;
    HANDLE hProc;
    hProc = GetCurrentProcess();
    GetProcessTimes(hProc, &create, &exit, &kernel, &user);
    /* The fields of a FILETIME structure are the hi and lo part
       of a 64-bit value expressed in 100 nanosecond units.
       1e7 is one second in such units; 1e-7 the inverse.
       429.4967296 is 2**32 / 1e7 or 2**32 * 1e-7.
    return build_times_result(
        (double)(user.dwHighDateTime*429.4967296 +
        (double)(kernel.dwHighDateTime*429.4967296 +
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