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On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 2:59 AM, Eric Snow <> wrote:

> It not a problem currently for callable.  It is one you are proposing
> to introduce.  It is one which current users of callable don't have to
> worry about.
> >
> > Were do we draw the line here?
> We don't add to the problem.  Instead, we work to decrease it.

​What exactly are you proposing? Getting rid of AttributeError masking? I'm
talking about applying an old design decision (AttributeError masking)​ in
`callable`. Doesn't seem useful to talk about not having exception making
unless you have a plan to remove that from other places (that's even harder
than fixing `callable` IMO) just to fix this inconsistent handling in

Unless you think having inconsistent handling is OK. I do not think it's
OK. There should be the same rules for attribute access everywhere.
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