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Author zbysz
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Date 2015-04-18.15:19:25
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Replying to review here... I get 500 server error in the patch review reply dialogue :(

On 2015/04/15 02:40:14, r.david.murray wrote:
> File Doc/library/tempfile.rst (left):
> Doc/library/tempfile.rst:55: :keyword:`with` statement, just like a normal file.
> Why did you remove this statement?
It is redundant. The fact that this can be used as CM is already mentioned in the introduction and in the description of TemporaryFile.

> File Doc/library/tempfile.rst (right):
> Doc/library/tempfile.rst:25: The need to use the insecure :func:`mktemp`
> function is eliminated.
> How about we get even more radical.  Let's eliminate the mention of mktemp from
> the documentation, except for a "Deprecated Functions" section at the end, where
> we explain that it is deprecated because it is insecure and anything you could
> do with it you can do with the un-deprecated functions.
Agreed. I'll submit a new version which removes all the historical notes and adds a "Deprecated" section at the end for tempdir and mktemp.

> Doc/library/tempfile.rst:27: instead a string of six random characters is used.
> Let's likewise eliminate the mention of the process id, and just leave the
> explanation that six random characters are used.

> Doc/library/tempfile.rst:31: directories.  It is no longer necessary to use the
> global *tempdir* variable.
> The global tempdir variable can likewise be moved to the deprecated section and
> removed from mention here.

> Doc/library/tempfile.rst:42: collected).  Under Unix, the directory entry for
> the file is either not created at all or removed
> "or is removed"

> Doc/library/tempfile.rst:247: 
> There should be another blank line here.

- relegate `tempdir` and `mktemp` descriptions to 'Deprecated functions and variables' section at the end. This requires moving some descriptions around.
- add missing "is" pointed out in review
- add missing 's'
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