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Author joshhoyt
Date 2005-02-04.15:45:33
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Johannes, your patch looks fine to me. It would be nice if
we didn't have to keep reading back each part from the
parsed message, though.

I had an idea for another approach. Use email to parse the
MIME message fully, then convert it to FieldStorage fields.
Parsing could go something like:

== CODE ==

from email.FeedParser import FeedParser
parser = FeedParser()
# Create bogus content-type header...
parser.feed('Content-type: %s ; boundary=%s \r\n\r\n' %
(self.type, self.innerboundary))
message = parser.close()

# Then take parsed message and convert to FieldStorage fields

== END CODE ==

This lets the email parser handle all of the complexities of
MIME, but it does mean that we have to accurately re-create
all of the necessary headers. I can cook up a full patch if
anyone thinks this would fly.
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