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Date 2015-04-14.17:35:28
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Thanks for your review, Berker. I've updated the code with most of your suggestions, although some of them were mooted by some restructuring I did.

A couple of questions/issues:
- I'm not sure where we stand on keyword-only arguments. I certainly agree that I'd never specify numeric_only unless I named it. However, I don't see a lot of that style in new or modified APIs. I'll ask over on python-dev and see what they say.

- test_extract_without_numeric_owner only works if the user named 'root' has uid = 0 (same for gid). This is a different test than what test_os.root_in_posix is doing. I think it's best to leave it as-is, although I've added a comment and reduced the scope of the skip to just this one test.

- I reformatted the tests to stay within 80 characters, and I think it also made them more legible.

- I'm not sure what you mean by your last point. I believe I use True as it is elsewhere in that module and its documentation. And None doesn't make any sense to me as a parameter value for this.
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