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FWIW: I just ran into a situation where the new approach resulted
in pip, setuptools and zc.buildout not working anymore.

This was on an AIX system which did come with CA root certificates
at all.

Now, I knew how to fix this, but the solution was not
an obvious one. I had to use truss to figure out where OpenSSL
was looking for certificates and the added the Mozilla cert
bundle from our egenix-pyopenssl package to make things work

This was on a system where Python 2.7.3 had been installed
previously. After the upgrade to Python 2.7.9 nothing worked

Again: Please let the users decide what level of security they
want to apply. We can point users to solutions, but in the end
have to respect their own decisions. Note that staying with
Python 2.7.8 is a much worse approach than disabling the checks.
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