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As the originator, I've noticed that the discussion (while illuminating - and a lot more than I expected!) seems to have gone off on several tangents.  I'd like to remind everyone that this request is for an unrestricted Windows install (e.g. "binary") package of standard/basic python - nothing more.  
Not to dampen the discussion but I see side issues such as impact on other O/S's, use of other (non-CPython) distributions, etc. as being outside the scope of the request.  While side issues may need to be considered while working on the request they should be raised as separate issues, not handled under this one.  Also, issues related to how this request affects specific "plug ins", e.g. numpy, also seem to be out of scope for this request (since users add them after successful installation) and should be handled in a similar matter.

My view anyway, YMMV
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