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Date 2015-03-24.20:11:35
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ok, forgive me for asking a newbe question ot two, but when you say 'fixed in nov 2014' are you refering to the release mentioned below or something else, possibly something that didn't make it into 2.7.9?  

I dont really understand what 'resync libffi with the upstream version' means, but I assume that if this is done my python-clang issue might be fixed?  So having a test is important, I'll see what I can do.

I'm working with the 2.7.9 release source, because I need a fix that can be dropped into the 2.7.9 official release folder so that people here can use python-clang. The source I have for 2.7.9 does appear to have the release below in it, including the changes to (which still passes with my fix)
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