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I'm also hitting an issue with test_sysconfig_module, but for a different reason: While building Python, I used "make EXTRA_CFLAGS='some flags'" and this makes test_sysconfig_module fail when I run "make test" or "python -m test.regrtest".

The problem is that EXTRA_CFLAGS, like profile-opt, is not in the Makefile, so _sysconfigdata has it stored from build - unlike distutils, which can't see the EXTRA_CFLAGS variable in the environment, thus resulting in failure.

I'm not sure what's the proper solution here, but I think requiring people to run "make test" with precisely the same EXTRA_CFLAGS as "make" is not right (although it solves the issue). This makes me think this is a bug - should I open a new issue?
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