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This issue seems to be expanding widely in scope and it is not at all clear to me what actionable items would come out of it.  It started as a very Window-specific problem and now seems to somehow be being extended to the whole Python ecosphere.  What about the OS X world, arguably one of the most widely-used laptop development environment these days?  Apple distributes system Pythons with OS X.  There are the installers for OS X.  There are third-party suppliers of popular binary wheels and or installers for important packages (e.g. NumPy, pandas, matplotlib) for one or both of the above. There are very popular third-party general open-source package distributors for OS X: Homwbrew and MacPorts, to a lesser extent, Fink. All of them distribute Pythons and many Python packages.  Then there are the cross-platform distributors, like Anaconda, Enthought, ActiveState, etc.  Should they all be part of this discussion?  What about other Posix-y platforms, like FreeBSD?  Where do you see this discussion going and is this a good forum for it?
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