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Bringing you into this discussion as CPython 3.5 release manager - we're trying to figure out what role we'd like the CPython Windows installers to play in the Windows distribution ecosystem, and I raised the question of whether or not typical Windows based end users might be better off with a larger, more comprehensive bundle like Portable Python (which they can also run from a USB stick if they want to).

There's no specific urgency here - I just wanted to give you a heads up that the discussion was happening. It's not clear to me yet if this will go anywhere (if nothing else, even if we decided it was a plausible idea, it would still be conditional on someone offering to contact Perica Zivkovic to see if they were amenable to the concept, as well as someone offering to write the suggestion up as a full PEP and work through the necessary changes to PEP 101 release management), but I figured you should at least be aware of the possibility as RM.
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