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> my guess (conceded, this is based on no actual metrics) would be that 99% of Windows users use the installers, certainly not the other way around.

Based on numbers I've heard it's certainly a majority currently using the installers, but that doesn't mean they should be.

I see three main use cases for the installers:

* people who need Python for themselves
* people who need to bundle Python inside their app
* admins who want to pretend/make-as-if Windows was shipped with Python

Currently, the installer is partway between 1 and 3, and somewhat closer to 3. I've heard a lot of complaints from people in #1, who are mostly helped by one of the distros, and #2 who don't have a real good option right now. (99% in category #1 is an exaggeration, but they're still a majority.)

Being somewhere between these points is not good. Personally, I think #2 (which I think about as "Python-as-a-library") is something that it's really our responsibility to support. #3 is also something that only we [pydev] can do (unless MSFT starts doing it, but I'd expect a lot of the burden would be pushed back onto pydev in this case), while #1 is a fairly straightforward for anyone to do once #2 is supported.

Certainly if #2 became official, we [MSFT] would be more aggressively helping people get set up with the same version of Python as we install on our PaaS servers on Azure. Currently, we can't reliably install the installers automatically in case it conflicts with the user's existing configuration.

Most of your examples use the installers because they are in category #2 and don't have a better option. When/if we decide what category the installer should focus on, it will make it easier to explain which option people should use.
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