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Date 2015-03-17.22:43:53
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Here is a patch that emits a warning using the warnings module. The warning is output to stderr and can be suppressed with the -Wignore option, as all other warnings.

$ ./python -m timeit -n1 -r 10 -s "import time, random" -- "time.sleep(random.random())"
1 loops, best of 10: 79.6 msec per loop
:0: UserWarning: These test results likely aren't reliable.  The worst
time was more than four times slower than the best time.
$ ./python -Wignore -m timeit -n1 -r 10 -s "import time, random" -- "time.sleep(random.random())"
1 loops, best of 10: 16.2 msec per loop
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