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Author bob.ippolito
Date 2005-01-01.06:18:59
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I can't reproduce this on either version of Python a 10.3.7 machine w/ 
1gb ram.  Python's total memory usage seems stable to me even if the 
read is in a while loop.

I can't see anything in sock_recv or that will in any way 
leak memory.

With a really large buffer size (always >17mb, but it does vary with each 
run) it will get a memory error but the Python process doesn't grow 
beyond 50mb at the samples I looked at.  That's pretty much the amount 
of RAM I'd expect it to use.  

It is kind of surprising it doesn't want to allocate a buffer of that size, 
because I have the RAM for it.. but I don't think this is a bug.
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