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Author martin.panter
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Date 2015-03-16.23:59:33
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Posting LZMAFile-etc.v5.patch with the following changes:

* Merged with current code
* Changed BZ2File(buffer_size=...) to a keyword-only parameter and restored previous unused “buffering” parameter. Also changed the LZMAFile parameter to keyword-only for consistency.
* Dropped documenting how buffer_size affects the compressed data chunk size or the fast-forward chunk size for seeking
* Dropped backslash from \* in function signatures
* Documented and tested that buffer_size=0 is not valid for the LZMAFile etc classes
* Clarified a few code comments

There is still Nikolaus’s concern about setting the buffer size to zero and doing short reads, discussed on Rietveld. Apart from that, I think this patch addresses the rest of the comments. Let me know if I missed something!
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