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The last approach I proposed requires some change in "template code" of check_xxx methods. To make it better, we can add a bool parameter to the check_xxx functions, True value indicating a fd test. If a filename is given at the same time, then a fd can get from that file. Otherwise the fd should be sys.stderr.fileno().

file = None
fp = None
if filename:
    fp = open(filename, "wb")
    # Must use a different name to prevent the file from closing...
    file = fp
if fd:
    if fp is not None:
        file = fp.fileno()
        file = sys.stderr.fileno()

# file can be file-object, fd or None

The fd-passing approach can co-exist with this one. However it will make "template code" more complex. So I suggest just use one approach to write these fd tests.

I will work on a patch(based on tip) at this weekend.
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