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Date 2015-03-11.08:30:57
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The patches at Issue 19771 should remove the part of the message that incorrectly says “. . . is a package and cannot be directly executed”. However that still leaves the problem of the suppressed traceback.

I am posting runpy-traceback.patch here which adds some tests to check if the traceback is suppressed. The offending test is marked @expectedFailure. It also points out where the exception is being incorrectly caught, but I haven’t thought of a nice way to fix the problem.

Other changes in the runpy-traceback.patch:

* Removed the exception message rewriting in _run_module_as_main(), because it seems to be redundant with the _get_main_module_details() function
* Fixed test_cmd_line_script.CmdLineTest.test_dash_m_error_code_is_one(), which was only checking the Python exit status, and not verifying that the specific failure was the one anticipated
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