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Hi Victor. I'm attaching a patch to the What's New doc. I know it's a minor thing, but I really read the What's New in Python x.y page whenever it comes out, so making this as specific as possible is good. The changes are:

1. Be more specific and flesh it out slightly: for example, instead of just saying "PEP 471 adds a new directory iteration function", say very briefly why it was added (to speed up os.walk) and what it achieves.
2. Move "PEP and implementation by..." under correct correct PEP -- it's currently under PEP 475.
3. Be more specific (as per point 1) under os.scandir(), and link to issue
4. Add a note about the os.walk() performance improvement under Optimizations. I realize the changes to os.walk() haven't been committed yet, but hopefully they will be quite soon.

Any feedback? Are you happy to commit these changes?

I intend to do some review of the scandir/DirEntry docs as well. I'll send those in the next few days.
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