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Author jfriesne
Date 2004-12-17.04:07:56
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This isn't really a Python bug per se, but it's easy to fix so I'm 
filing a bug report anyway.  The problem is with the line  
PyObject *name, *slots; 
in the definition of struct _heaptypeobject at line 343 of 
Include/object.h.  I'm embedding Python into my app that uses 
the TrollTech Qt GUI, and Qt has a preprocessor program 
named "moc" that looks for certain non-standard keywords.  
One of these keywords is the word "slots"... so having a 
member variable named "slots" in Include/object.h confuses 
moc and causes my app to have a build error.  I was able to 
fix the problem by renaming the "slots" member variable to 
"xslots" in the Python source, but it would be nicer if it was 
renamed in the official Python distribution so that the problem 
doesn't come up for the next guy. 
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