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Date 2015-03-08.01:17:10
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It would make more sense and be more consistent if the str() and repr() used one’s complement in all cases, i.e.:

self.assertEqual(str(Perm(~0)), "~0")

Also, the repr() seems to be doing a bad attempt at Python pseudo code. Instead of

<Perm.R|W: 3>

maybe it could be something like these:

<Perm.R|Perm.W: 3>  # Mirroring str() -> "Perm.R|Perm.W"
<Perm R|W: 3>
<Perm: R|W = 3>

I wonder if the addition (+) operator should also be overridden; I haven’t looked, but I suspect some people may do FLAG1 + FLAG2 instead of FLAG1 | FLAG2.
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