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Date 2015-03-01.00:17:57
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*ALL Android devices have /dev/ptmx (adb even assumes it)...should the *configure script be modified to skip that check if cross-compiling for *Android?

Yes, definitely. See the mods to pyconfig.h here"

Ignore the #define ANDROID 1.  GCC 4.8.x and later add -mandroid and/or -mbionic which defines __ANDROID__; I've been putting android-related changes under that macro.

*Cyd (and anyone else who can), do you think you could test the binaries, *too? I'll get them to you somehow. You have a real device; I have an old *real device and an emulator.

Sure...especially since the KBOX env is needed.

*Side note for Cyd: I'd advise you just use the fork of CPython you have *and just push them to GitHub:

$ git remote add origin <url of your GitHub repo with .git at the end>
$ git push --all origin -u

*That will push your changes (and every branch of CPython, I have no clue *what your branch name is, so this just does everything) to the GitHub *mirror.

I forked the Cpython repo on Github, set 3.4 as the default branch and

$git clone

After modifying files and/or adding dirs, copying files

$git add <modified file>

Hopefully the above was ok.

Off to read up on commits
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