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Date 2015-02-21.19:02:55
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But there is a risk to break Python builds with old Tcl/Tk. We dropped support of Tcl/Tk older than 8.4 in 3.5, but theoretically 2.7 should work with older versions. It was not tested for years, we have no build bots with 8.3, and I manually test Python only with 8.4+ (it is harder to build 8.3, not mentioning older versions). But AFAIK wideInt was not supported in 8.3, so code and tests should be adapted for optional support of integers outside 32-bit range.

I could try to build 8.3 and adapt the patch, but I'm not very motivated in this. And I can't take the responsibility of committing the patch blindly, without testing with different options.
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