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Author paul.moore
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Date 2015-02-20.12:52:49
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This is the patch for PEP 441 (Zip Application Support).

Steve, could you check the installer changes, please? I haven't managed to get a setup where I can test the installer, and I'm not aware of any WiX coding tools, so I just edited the XML files by hand with grep and vim, and checked that Tools/buildmsi.bat doesn't error in anything I wrote... (There's a CRC check error in TCL, but that was there before I made changes)

  light.exe : error LGHT0216: An unexpected Win32 exception with error code 0x17 occurred while accessing file 'C:\Work\Projects\cpython\externals\tcltk64\lib\tcl8.6\tzdata\America\Detroit': Data error (cyclic redundancy check) [C:\Work\Projects\cpython\Tools\msi\tcltk\tcltk.wixproj]

Also, I don't *think* I need to do anything for the new files in Doc\Lib, Lib and Lib\test to get picked up, but I'm not sure how to check that.
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