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Date 2004-12-09.09:42:05
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"default" as opposed to whatever locale setting is currently
active for the program, i.e. the locale setting the program
would see after a single call to setlocale(LC_ALL, "") right
after the start of the program.

getdefaultlocale() mimics the lookup mechanism of
setlocale(LC_ALL, "").

The fact that the alias table may sometimes not give the
correct encoding is not a fault of Python or the table - if
the user wants to see a different encoding used as default
encoding for the set locale, then the user should include
that information in the LANG (or other) OS environment
variable of the process running the Python program.

Note that this is different than the "preferred" encoding
which a user can set in a window manager (KDE or Gnome) or
browser. Those settings are restricted to certain
application spaces. getdefaultencoding() is targetted at the
OS level setting which may be different from e.g. a KDE
setting (think a program running in a shell vs. a KDE
application run by a user).
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