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Author kbk
Date 2004-12-20.01:33:40
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This bug was caused by adding the colorization of built-in
keywords.  The current design of the themes and keybindings
in the configuration system saves the entire modified config
file instead of just the changes.  When IDLE tried to load your
config-highlight.cfg it got out of sync and died miserably.

An initial fix would be to fix the config system to load the
default bindings (as intended) when there was a problem
with the user binding.

But to fully fix the problem and make the config system
robust, it appears to be necessary to redesign it to save
only the changes, as it does for config-main.cfg and 
config-extensions.cfg.  That way any new color items
would be loaded from the default config-highlight.def.
That's a bit of work.  Maybe someone will step up.

I've attached a patch to config-highlight.def which should take
care of the problem.  On Windows it's easiest, no doubt, to
just type in the four missing lines.  Or just delete
config-highlights.cfg and recreate it, whichever is less
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