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Author vlee
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Date 2015-02-07.06:52:52
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With the supplied patch on CentOS 6 , "make" passes and "make test" passes with the exception of test_readline that is Issue19884.

372 tests OK.
1 test failed:
7 tests altered the execution environment:
    test_calendar test_distutils test_float test_locale test_strptime
    test_types test_warnings
11 tests skipped:
    test_devpoll test_gdb test_kqueue test_msilib test_ossaudiodev
    test_startfile test_tk test_ttk_guionly test_winreg test_winsound
Re-running failed tests in verbose mode
Re-running test 'test_readline' in verbose mode
testHistoryUpdates (test.test_readline.TestHistoryManipulation) ... ok
test_write_read_append (test.test_readline.TestHistoryManipulation) ... ok
test_init (test.test_readline.TestReadline) ... FAIL
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