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> It would have been nice to wait for a review. Generator tests are already in

Sorry, I wanted to quickly push your fix to fix buildbots. I dislike being the responsible of turning all buildbots to red...

Before working on this issue, I didn't know test_generators. Well, I didn't know test_exceptions neither :-) sounds like a better name for checks on the currently handled exception :-)

I saw that is mostly written with doctests. At the beginning, doctests were shiny and fun. Now I consider that it's worse than classic unit tests and I plan to rewrite doctests to unittest.TestCase classes. I will open a new issue for that.

> I think your patch for 2.7 is wrong as was your patch for 3.x. You shouldn't change the behaviour of sys.exc_info() in the nominal case.

I now agree that gen_exc_value.patch was wrong. gen_exc_value_py27.patch was just a backport of my patch to Python 2.7.

(Oh I see that I uploaded gen_exc_value_py27.patch twice, it's a mistake.)

In my previous message, I asked myself if it would be possible to backport your patch (gen_exc_state_restore.patch) to Python 2.7.
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