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Author ned.deily
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Date 2015-01-29.08:41:44
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eintr-1.diff doesn't seem to make any significant difference from eintr.diff on my system.  It's still pegging a CPU at 100% and takes 7 minutes wall time to complete.

$ time ./python ~/Projects/PyDev/active/dev/3x/source/Lib/test/eintrdata/
test_read (__main__.OSEINTRTest) ... ok
test_wait (__main__.OSEINTRTest) ... ok
test_wait3 (__main__.OSEINTRTest) ... ok
test_wait4 (__main__.OSEINTRTest) ... ok
test_waitpid (__main__.OSEINTRTest) ... ok
test_write (__main__.OSEINTRTest) ... ok
test_accept (__main__.SocketEINTRTest) ... ok
test_recv (__main__.SocketEINTRTest) ... ok
test_recvmsg (__main__.SocketEINTRTest) ... ok
test_send (__main__.SocketEINTRTest) ... ok
test_sendall (__main__.SocketEINTRTest) ... ok
test_sendmsg (__main__.SocketEINTRTest) ... ok

Ran 12 tests in 439.966s


real	7m20.276s
user	5m7.575s
sys	2m9.846s
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