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Date 2015-01-29.07:28:23
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> It turns out the times are not important; the hangup is the default size of the socket buffers on OS X and possibly BSD in general.  In my case, the send and receive buffers are 8192, which explains why the chunks written are so small.

Basically, with a much smaller socket buffer, we get much more context
switches, which increases drastically the test runtime.
But I must admit I'm still really surprised by the time it takes on
OS-X: with a SOCK_MAX_SIZE of 16MB and a socket buffer size of 8kb,
that's 2000 calls to send with context switches between the sender and
receiver - and thie overhead should be much less on a two core

I'll try to increase the socket buffer size and see what the buildbots
do: most of them will probably cap it at around 100k, but that'll
hopefully be enough.
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