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Author berdario
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Date 2015-01-24.17:20:39
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I guess this should be expected... too much magic :P

>>> from unittest.mock import MagicMock
>>> MagicMock(**{'__hash__.return_value': "FIXME"})
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/nix/store/qlvbf3n3y34idxcgwwhsi9pq26v28q99-python3-3.4.2/lib/python3.4/unittest/", line 1772, in __init__
    _safe_super(MagicMixin, self).__init__(*args, **kw)
  File "/nix/store/qlvbf3n3y34idxcgwwhsi9pq26v28q99-python3-3.4.2/lib/python3.4/unittest/", line 881, in __init__
    _spec_state, _new_name, _new_parent, **kwargs
  File "/nix/store/qlvbf3n3y34idxcgwwhsi9pq26v28q99-python3-3.4.2/lib/python3.4/unittest/", line 410, in __init__
  File "/nix/store/qlvbf3n3y34idxcgwwhsi9pq26v28q99-python3-3.4.2/lib/python3.4/unittest/", line 560, in configure_mock
    setattr(obj, final, val)
AttributeError: 'method-wrapper' object has no attribute 'return_value'

The same happens with e.g. __str__

>>> m.configure_mock(**{'__hash__.return_value': 1})

works just fine, instead
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