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I created the patch about 5 years ago and in the meantime a few things have happened:
- I've not touched C for a very long time now
- I've learned that MSG_WAITALL may be unreliable on certain systems, so any implementation of recvall depending on MSG_WAITALL may inexplicably fail on such systems
- I've been using a python implementation of a custom recv loop in Pyro4 for years
- it is unclear that a C implementation will provide a measurable performance benefit because I think most of the time is spent in the network I/O anyway, and the GIL is released when doing a normal recv (I hope?)

In other words, I will never follow up on my original C-based patch from 5 years ago. I do still like the idea of having a reliable recvall in the stdlib instead of having to code a page long one in my own code.
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