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I guess R. David Murray asked you to make the least minimal change,
even it breaks the formatting rules.

Paragraph reflow is safe when it's done by the Core Developer but it
requires additional check (and probably mercurial conflict errors on
merging the change with default branch if the last has changes also).

In your case I see no problems though, but the final decision is on R.
David Murray

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 12:56 AM, Akira Li <> wrote:
> Akira Li added the comment:
> I do not understand. Have you tried to look at the patch in Rietveld?
> The new content is highlighted in a darker green. It is clearly
> visible. I've tested on Chromium, Firefox, Safari.
> If I won't reflow then the first line will be longer than the
> recommended 80 in devguide:
>> The maximum line length is 80 characters for normal text, but
>> tables, deeply indented code samples and long links may extend
>> beyond that.
> I've set *fill-column* to 80 in emacs. Do you suggest other settings?
> Anyway, it doesn't affect how the final text is shown in a web
> browser.
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