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Date 2015-01-16.18:20:30
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FWIW, at some point I will need to do some serious work on this code for Python 3.5, so I'll certainly take your suggestions into account there. But I won't be doing the same for old versions of Python - at most 2.7 may get a check for the extra registry key, but 2.6 and 3.0-3.2 will still need to be using setuptools>=6.0 (which 2.7.10 will ship with).

Also, pip forces setuptools onto packages whether they like it or not, so pip installs should always build. Because it's a monkeypatch, "import setuptools" is sufficient to port old files.

All together, there doesn't seem to be an urgent need to get this into the core release. If someone comes up with a simple patch I'll happily review and apply it (and Jason will want a setuptools patch to skip the monkeypatch there), but I need to spend my own dev time on the next release.
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