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Date 2015-01-13.16:19:51
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Sure :)

If you view Properties in Windows for Python 3.4's python[w].exe and look at the Details tab, it's very blank (for me it shows 'Application', the size and the modification date). However, if you look at python34.dll or py.exe it has a description, version, copyright message, etc. The first part of the patch adds this information to python[w].exe as well.

The second part is dealing with #19143, which is where GetVersion() lies about the Windows version if you haven't explicitly declared that you know about that version. Currently on Windows 8.1 (and 10), sys.getwindowsversion() will tell you that it's Windows 8 (6.2.9200). 

The patch here adds the declarations to a manifest file such that Python 3.5 is "aware" of Windows 8.1 and so it doesn't need the compatibility shims/version lies that are otherwise applied. (The patch on #19143 is for the platform module so that it will always read the correct version, but this is intended for logging/system info rather than making decisions about API availability and behaviour.)
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