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> actual_len = kernel32.GetModuleFileNameW(kernel32._handle, name, len(name))

A module handle is the module's base address. kernel32 is loaded at a 32-bit base address in a 64-bit process, but I don't know whether that will always be true in current and future versions. It's safer to use HANDLE(kernel32._handle) instead of the default C int conversion.

> ver_block = byref(c_buffer(size))

byref is unnecessary. An array gets passed as a pointer.

> maj = int(pvi.contents.dwProductVersionMS >> 16)
> min = int(pvi.contents.dwProductVersionMS & 0xFFFF)
> build = int(pvi.contents.dwProductVersionLS >> 16)

pvi.contents.dwProductVersionMS is already an int, else the bitshift would fail.
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