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Author rhettinger
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Date 2014-12-29.08:15:38
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Attaching an alternative patch that handles the unicode specific case with far less code and less overhead.  It seems to speed-up all the timings I've tried.

It keeps the unicode_eq() specific path which bypasses several unneeded steps:
* an incref/decref of the startkey
* an incref/decref of Py_True or Py_False
* Py_Enter/LeaveRecursive call overhead
* A NotImplemented check
* Various indirections, null checks, xor bool result, and several nested function calls that save and restore registers
* Test for an error result
* Test for changed table or entry
    usual incref/decref, richbool, richcmp, tablesize_change, errorcheck,
    recursion depth, check for NotImplemented, conv to PyTrue/False, incr/dec Py_True/Py_False, conv back to int
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