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Author kevinbenton
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Date 2014-12-18.08:45:21
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If one of the mock.patch methods is used with autospec=True on a staticmethod in an object, the mock library determines that it is not callable by checking for the __call__ attribute. This results in a NonCallableMagicMock being returned which of course dies with the following error when the mocked method is called:

TypeError: 'NonCallableMagicMock' object is not callable

It seems that the create_autospec needs to special case for classmethod and staticmethod.

The following change seems to fix it, however I am only vaguely familiar with the internals of mock so I'm not sure what this breaks.

diff -r d356250e275d
--- a/	Tue Apr 09 14:53:33 2013 +0100
+++ b/	Wed Dec 17 07:35:15 2014 -0800
@@ -2191,7 +2191,8 @@
         # descriptors don't have a spec
         # because we don't know what type they return
         _kwargs = {}
-    elif not _callable(spec):
+    elif not _callable(spec) and not isinstance(spec, (staticmethod,
+                                                       classmethod)):
         Klass = NonCallableMagicMock
     elif is_type and instance and not _instance_callable(spec):
         Klass = NonCallableMagicMock
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