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Date 2014-12-17.01:33:49
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As long as those esoteric cases can be handled without much work via create_module and exec_module, we should have a goal in mind for yanking legacy load_module support.  If there are valid use cases that can't be handled via PEP 451 then I'd say we should consider finding a better way.  If Loader.load_module is that better way then we need to consider a better way to handle it.

What cases do you have in mind that only load_module handles (at least easily)?  I can vaguely imagine the circumstances, but nothing concrete comes to mind.  It doesn't seem like the sort of situation that has come up more that a handful of times nor one the currently couldn't be addressed in another way.  I'm probably missing something here and I wouldn't be surprised if we discussed this point during the PEP 451 discussions. :)
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