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On 16.12.2014 14:38, Steve Dower wrote:
> Steve Dower added the comment:
> I justified leaving out the ABI tag in an earlier post as well as in an email to distutils-sig, where two of the PEPs you mention were developed, and nobody had any comment. Cache tags don't include platform information and are worthless here.

I was referring to ABI flags (,
eg. the "m" when using pymalloc. If we do stick with a PEP 425 format,
we should at least stay compatible to it - even if we don't necessarily
need this on Windows.

On Linux, the extensions use the PEP 3149 tags, e.g.

Wouldn't it make sense to change those to the same PEP 425 style
format ?


The "_d" suffix on Windows would then turn into the "d" ABI flag.

Note that this only works nicely for Linux. For other platforms,
get_platform() returns a mess... e.g. on FreeBSD:

   freebsd-8.3-RELEASE-p3-i386   (32-bit)
   freebsd-8.3-RELEASE-p3-amd64  (64-bit)

instead of the more useful


The situation is similar on other less main stream platforms,
so it may make sense to define mappings other than get_platform()
on those.

> distutils uses the first extension from _imp.extension_suffixes() and so will automatically tag binaries. I also tested with setuptools and Cython.

Ah, clever. So no additional patches are needed :-)
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