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On 16.12.2014 05:54, Steve Dower wrote:
> Nobody seemed too bothered by it, so I committed a slightly simpler change that only includes the most specific tag (that is, ".cp35-win32.pyd" or ".pyd"). We can always add another tag easily enough if it seems useful, or roll this change back if it was a mistake.

I'm not sure the format you've chosen is a good idea. We now have
a different tag for .pyc (PEP 3149) and .pyd files, in addition
to yet another tag format defined in wheels (PEP 425 and PEP 427).

The .pyd format looks similar to PEP 425 abi tag + platform tag,
but it's missing the abi flags.

IMO, we should use one of the available PEP standards instead
of creating yet another variant.

The checkin also only adds import support for the tags.

Shouldn't distutils also be changed to create such .pyd files
per default or at least via an option ?
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